Dear god, what a hell of a game.

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Wikipedia has blocked all computers from the House of Representatives from editing any of their content — because someone with an IP address from the House has been trolling the site with transphobic edits. 

Since earlier this week, comments have been appearing misgendering Laverne Cox, using slurs on pages about trans people, changing the definition of gender identity disorder, and citing notorious asshole Gavin McInnes in descriptions of trans people and transphobia. Wikipedia editors were forced to intervene when the person (or people) continued to make edit after edit.

This is the third time THIS SUMMER the House has been blocked from Wikipedia for “disruptive editing” by anonymous users. 

The person using the IP address responded — without revealing their identity — that the malicious edits were in fact “official business” endorsed by a member of the House. Their changes, they said, were intended to bring “fairness” to the discussion.

“There’s nothing illegal about editing Wikipedia to promote official business that has been explicitly authourized [sic] by the Representative,” the userwrote.

“When you have other Representatives trying to push for laws such as [the Employment Non-Discrimination Act],” the user continued, “or when you have the [European Union] using neocolonialist methods to impose transgenderism on the nation of Georgia through a visa agreement, it’s all the more important.” …

After this most recent banning, the outlawed anti-trans user wrote, “Blocked because I disagreed with the trans-lobby? These days, If I complain about a man using the womyn’s restroom then I’m cosidered transphobic and get called a TERF. This has been happening a lot lately here in the halls of Congress. If feeling uncomfortable about some creeper coming into the same bathroom as me is considered transphobic, then why is transphobia considered a bad thing? I wouldn’t be surprised if the Admin who banned this IP is trans. If she is a real woman, then she should should be following real Feminists like Julie Bindel, not sellouts to the trans lobby like Anita Sarkeesian. People need to understand that transgenderism is being promoted by the Patriarchy to diminish the experiences of real womyn.”

Our elected officials, my friends. 

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In the event of a robopocalypse, we’ll probably need these badass mechs by Riyahd Cassiem to defeat the robot army. 

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A Paracas skull: note the dimple toward the top of the head, which is a product of head-binding, depressing the suture between the parietal plate. Head binding is a form of body alteration in which the skull of a human being is intentionally deformed. It is done by distorting the normal growth of a child’s skull by applying force. It is typically carried out on an infant, as the skull is most pliable at this time. In a typical case, headbinding begins approximately a month after birth and continues for about six months.

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Tomopteris - a deep sea worm

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